CRYPT OF KERBEROS “World of Myths” official shirts available for pre-order!

We are proud to put the official CRYPT OF KERBEROS t-shirts available for pre-order.

The long wait is over t-shirt image below.

Official CRYPT OF KERBEROSWorld of Myths” t-shirt. is printed on heavy duty Gildan “Ultra” brand 100% Cotton shirts. Limited quantities in each size, only 100 pieces. get yours in this location


Formerly known as Macrodex , Crypt of keberos arose from their ashes in 1990 to pursue a heavier , lower tuned sound of death metal . Shamefully unnoticed by the majority of the metal community at the time of their existence while most were enthralled by the major label acts coming out of Sweden such Entombed , Dismember , Grave and Unleashed . Theirs was not an uncommon story as there were a large group of stellar Scandanvian acts that for some reason or another were sentenced to obscurity throughout the late 80’s and 90’s .

Crypt of Kerberos are amongst the elite who chose to pursue a swampy , dirgier and overall heavier style of death metal such as Rottrevore , Bolt Thrower , Accidental Suicide and fellow Swedes , Crematory .

As of 2005 Crypt of Kerberos have awakened from within the catacombs and risen once again to crush humanity within it’s mailed fist.


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