CENOTAPH “The Gloomy Reflection Of Our Hidden Sorrows” 2LP PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE

CENOTAPHThe Gloomy Reflections Of Our Hidden Sorrows 2LP will be released in September 24th 2012. Now we start to taking pre-orders through Chaos Records webstore.

The debut album of Mexican Death Metal Masters CENOTAPH, sold out and hard to find….But never see the light on vinyl. Chaos Records is proud to release “The Gloomy Reflections Of Our Hidden Sorrows” in amazing 2LP fully remastered. Included original artwork by the Polish artist Ryszard Wojtynski, Tenebrous Apparitions 7″ and The Eternal Disgrace 7″

This one time pressing comes in double vinyl 180gram, gatefold jacket 350gram, Printed innersleeves with embossed CENOTAPH logo and exclusive poster A2. Limited to 500 copies worldwide (100 brown, 100 orange and 300 classic black)

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Side A:
1. Requiem For A Soul Request
2. Ashes In The Rain
3. …A Red Sky

Side B:
4. Evoqued Doom
5. Tenebrous Apparitions
6. The Spiritless One

Side C:
7. Infinite Meditation Of An Uncertain Existence
8. In The Cosmic Solitude
9. Repulsive Odor Of Decomposition

Side D:
10. Repulsive Odor Of Decomposition*
11. Larvs Of Subconcious*
12. Dissection**
13. Tenebrous Apparitions**

* Taken from “Tenebrous Apparitions” 7″
** Taken from “The Eternal Disgrace” 7″


“Buried and never forgotten, the debut album of Mexico´s CENOTAPH, is finally bring into glory for the new generations to succumb into the asphyxiating aura of darkness and death that the deepest emotions within mankind hinders…lurking in these deathblast of graven images, lies some of the deadliest death metal composition ever created in the land that celebrates the dead…the evoked doom is here…
” – Julian Nuñez / Horrible Fanzine

“Without a doubt, a lot a great Death Metal albums and demos came out from Mexico in the late 80’s-early 90’s. But when talking about groundbreaking releases. In my personal opinion, they were a few: TOXODETH “Phantasms” demo ’88, HARDWARE “Cyber Death” demo 1990, and CENOTAPH “The gloomy Reflections of Our Hidden Sorrows” 1992″ Tony Juarez / REBORN FROM ASHES ‘zine

“Cenotaph were one of Mexico’s oldest and heaviest death metal bands. Just like the greats in other areas of the world, they were part of the early guard of the long line of killer death metal bands from their Country, the mighty Mexico. I first ran across Cenotaph when a friend made a trip down there, and came back with the “Tenebrous Apparitions” 7 inch. He had a copy for me to trade. Once I put the record on, it was nothing but dimsla and primitive death metal for that day, and I became a fan of this mighty band. Many bootleg live tapes, VHS live shows and rehearsal/promos later, I heard the debut album “The Gloomy Reflection of Our Hidden Sorrows”. The attack of the band had grown into one of many time changes and the songs were at times all over the place. But the heaviness and evil vibe was still there. It was death metal with slow doom parts and blazing fast parts. It was dark as fuck, and a roller coaster of riffs and killer notes.The sound and overall feel of the album was suffocating. The haunting notes mixed well with the crushing drums. It was as if the ancient Morbid Angel were playing Finnish death metal. There were also weird parts thrown into the mix that had a sound all it’s own. This is a classic death metal masterpiece that deserves to be heard by more people. It’s great that this crusher is getting out there and having another chance to plague humanity again with it’s repuslive sound! HAIL THE MIGHTY CENOTAPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Mike Abominator / Gravehill & Metal Maniacs

“The first full length of Mexican Death Metal prime fathers CENOTAPH belongs to the list of totally obscure and underrated album from the 90ies. I’m sure that they might have gotten more attention if they would have been an American or Scandinavian band, but what the fuck!?! It’s never too late to check it out!!! Expect twisted, raw and evil madness packed in a gloomy shape of despair. Definitely a band you should have on your list if you call yourselve a collector heart with an underground Death Metal attitude”
Ralf Hauber / MYSTICAL MUSIC Fanzine

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