Womb was formed in March of 2014 from the hand of E. recruiting S. as a rhythmic guitarist among its ranks. The same year they recorded the song “Equidistant” that later belonged to the album “Deception through your lies”. Later P. entered as a solo guitarist and A. as a keyboardist. After months Womb happened to record its first ep and “deception through your lies”. To compose and record Devotion to the Sea during 2016, Womb adopts the formation of S. as drummer, E. as vocalist P. as a guitar and A. as a bass player. In both works they try to portray various uncomfortable facets of the human condition, emphasizing those situations that in themselves are not pleasant. Piece by piece, Womb is a way of expressing everything that is hidden or rejected in life, without waiting for an acceptance by others, simply showing it to the world.


Deception Through Your Lies (ALBUM)
Devotion To The Sea (ALBUM)


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