Summoning Death started as a side project by Ricardo Gil (ex Denial) and Francisco Aguilar (Shub Nigurath) at early 2010 with the idea of playing death/doom metal in the old Swedish and Finnish vain, because some situations Ricard move to Queretaro where he tried to put the band on with Hector and Ivan from Question but because the compromises of both of them with their band the project was laid to rest until 2012 when Ricardo went back to Cancun and continue working with Francisco Aguilar, finally to get a complete line up with members of a local crust band called Disterror, to recorded the first demo by the name of “Cadaveric Environment” (2014) but after some problems the band was split up again, after a short period of time Ricardo complete again the band with Juan (ex-Lacrimae, Regurgitated Divinity) Grey and Manuel (Disterror) to recorded a second demo by the name of “A window from an Evil Place” (2015) after that Ricardo leaves Denial, and another line up changes were made to finally get a stable line up conformed by Jose (guitars), Angel (drums) Carlos (bass and vocals ) and Ricardo (guitars), Melina (live vocals) together with the same vision and influence by the old Swedish and finnish death/doom metal enter the studio at December 2017 to recorded their first official material by the name of “The House That Screamed” taking as inspiration old 50s and 60s B series movies mixed with music in the vein of early Amorphis, Depravity, Demilich, Toxaemia, Lubricant, Grave among others.

Melina – Live Vocals
Ricardo – Guitar
Jose – Guitar
Carlos – Bass and Vocals
Angel – Drums


- Cadaveric Environment (Demo) 204
- A Window From An Evil Place (Demo) 2015
- The House That Screamed (Album) 2018



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