GRIM FATE from The Netherlands was formed in 2017 by Wim (also guitarist in Miasma Of Guilt and Boal) and Pier to create some dark, brutal and doomy death metal.

The both of them started spreading their ideas and composing full force. Influenced by the old Finnish scene and bands like Incantation they tried to create their own brand of dark death metal. In a matter of two months enough songs were written to record them for a release. They got in touch with Philippus Yntema (Dimaeon, Boal) to help them out with the production and the drums.

They entered Triple Seis Sound for the recording of four songs. The dark brutality was captured perfect and was gaining some attention right away. This lead to signing with Chaos Records for the release of ‘Emerging From The Crypt’ on CD (Dawnbreed Records will handle the cassette version).

In the meantime the band recruited Philippus to join the band permanently in order to write songs for future releases. The brutality has only just started…