The band was formed in 1988 by Donovan (Drums),David (Guitar),Guillermo (Guitar/vocals) and Jose Luis (nicknamed Jeff,on Bass),the band was heavily influenced by Brazilian bands at that time even doing covers to Panic,Sepultura,Sarcofago and also a few original songs who were gonna appear on a demo that was gonna be called “Perpetual Damnation” buy that never happened,after a little while the first changes came into the band and Guillermo left the band,leaving Jose Luis to do the vocal duties the band played a show in February 1990 getting a great reaction and making the right connections that lead to get Eddie who had been in the band Pactum as lead Guitar,with this the circle was closed and the band went through musical and band names changes due to adjusting Eddie’s style to the band and the music changing fast,the band no longer saw the name Damnation fit the style that went more to the Death Metal side being a fairly new style around that time,the band started playing alot of shows and caught the attention of Miguel Angel (Cacofonia,Anarchus) who invited the band to do a 7″ ep with his band Cacofonia and recorded the now cult “Autist Decay” 7″in November 1990,which received great reviews in the worldwide zine scene,from then the band went on to do alot of shows under the name Abssession and then finally under Bloodsoaked with incluences such as Immolation,Pungent Stench,Bolt Thrower,Morbid Angel,the next step for the band was to do their full length album and Bellphegor Recs. (The Chasm) approached the band to offer a full length and the band accepted so the sessions for “Frost Image” began in Sept 1992 and it actually came out on Rock’Roll Circus due to misunderstandings with Bellphegot Recs,the release was planned to be on CD and Cassette being the tape edition out first and selling very well (400 copies sold on the first day it came out) and selling out the whole run of copies in a few months,the band stablished itself as one of the top acts in the Mexican scene,sharing stage with Nocturnus (The Key Tour),Obituary (Cause Of Death Tour),Sadistic Intent (Grind Tour 1991),at this time when everything seemed going well for the band Donovan and David leave the band unexpectedly,leaving Eddie and Jose Luis in charge,with this situation the band asked Woltan from Pactum to help for an upcoming 7″ ep,the band went through style changes and the result was “The Omen” 7″ep with a more inclined towards the Doom/Death Metal sound,the band went again to play several shows before calling it quits but the mark was already left among the metalheads from the Mexican scene and also from USA and the European scene,considered to many as one of the pillars of the early mexican Death Metal.

Jose Luis (Jeff) – Bass/Vocals
Eddie – Lead Guitar
David – Rythm / Lead Guitar
Donovan – Drums


Autist Decay  (Demo)
Frost Image (Album)
The Omen (EP)
The Lost Masters (Compilation)


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