AGONY LORDS “A Tomb For The Haunted” will be released 26.11.2012

Finally the new album from Mexico´s Legendary AGONY LORDS will be released in November 26th 2012

After a decade in the shadows the band return from the tomb with “A Tomb For The Haunted” the best album the band has recorded to the date. “A Tomb For The Haunted” is a conceptual album consisting of 10 dark chapters extracted directly from the crypt.

“A Tomb For The Haunted” comes in six-panel digipak with a 24 pages booklet, includes artwork, history and lyrcis for all tracks. A special limited edition version (500 copies)  will also be available and includes bonus track “Torture Never Stops” (W.A.S.P cover) and an exclusive bonus DVD with official videos; photo gallery; biography; the making of “The Spirit in the Tower” video; official bootlegs; and Unions recording sessions from 1992!

Artwork and Tracklist below:

1. Enter The Mausoleum
2. Raising The Occult
3. Dead Eyes
4. The Spirit In The Tower
5. Emily
6. Witches Board
7. Writer Of The Dead
8. The Phantom Book
9. The Tree Of The Hanged
10. A Tomb For The Haunted
11. Torture Never Stops (W.A.S.P.) *

* Limited edition exclusvie Bonus Track

Listen “Raising The Occult” and “The Spirit In The Tower” at Chaos Records Bandcamp Page

Exclusive DVD features (only available in limited edition):

Official videos:

– “The Spirit In The Tower” (official video)
– “Raising The Occult” (demo version)
– The making off “The Spirit In The Tower”
– The Band Speaks

– Photogallery
– Biography

Official bootlegs:

Live in León, Gto. Opening for Tiamat ’94:
– Soul Conquest
– Unions
– Images (Never Released Track)

Live in Mexico City. Opening for Unleashed ’97:
– The Sun Of The Cursed
– The Shadow And The Silence
– Heartland
– Sacrifice Me

Recording Sessions for Unions ’92

AGONY LORDS has released a promotional video for the track “The Spirit In The Tower.” Check it out below:

AGONY LORDS on Facebook

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