THE SLOW DEATH new album “Ark” out on March 16th.

Chaos Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of Ark, the new album from Sydney’s THE SLOW DEATH on March 16. The mournful new epic follows hot the heels of band’s 2014 Chaos Records split release with MAJESTIC DOWNFALL.

Ark crawls along the bottom of humanity’s vast ocean of misery through six masterfully arranged tracks of Funeral Doom. The sense of dread is omnipresent, yet so is the dark, chilling beauty of compositions that are surprisingly varied.  Whether the stunning contrast of Gregg Williamson’s cavernous growl to Mandy Andresen’s (MURKRAT) ghostly croon, the seamless movement between crushing riffs and melancholic picking, or the bleak, windswept keyboard soundscapes, the one certainty is that Ark is destined to be among 2015’s most celebrated Doom releases.

Ark will be released as a limited edition (1,000 copies) 6-panel digipak with 16-page booklet.  The album can be pre-ordered at this location.

Stream new track “The Chosen Ones” at

Portada TSD

The Chosen Ones


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Graveyard After Graveyard (swe) ‘Hellhound On My Trail’ MINI CD PRE-ORDER

Pre-orders are being taken for the new Graveyard After Graveyard (swe) ‘Hellhound On My Trail’ MINI CD, and they will start shipping in February 23rd.

Graveyard After Graveyard is about Rogga Johansson attempting to play a different style of music, leaning more towards the thrashier, blackened spectrum of death metal. Teaming up with the GRAVE guitarist and drummer of SINNERS BURN, the trio play some invigorating black/death/thrash metal that will have you tapping your feet and bobbing your head furiously. There’s a trademark riffing style, a subtle groove and lots of force in the music. This stands apart from the weak-sounding black/thrash revivalists and oozes sheer power and confidence. This is a very potent, compact and relatively fresh-sounding release featuring the tireless legend.

Artwork y Rob Toderico (ASPHYX, MEPHISTO, SOULBURN)

Pre-order your copy at this location:


1. Out To Feed
2. Giant Of The Undead
3. Infernal Catacombs
4. Screams In The Night
5. Learn To Burn
6. Feeding Of The Hellhounds

Opening track ‘Out To Feed’ is available for streaming at Chaos Records Soundcloud page:

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PRE-ORDER: WOMBBATH “Internal Caustic Torments” LP – OUT 03.3.15

First time on a official limited vinyl version and remastered at Unisound Studios by Dan Swano! This album is definitely one of the most unprecedented pieces of cult Swedish masterpieces that screams ‘Classic Death Metal from start to finish.

This LP set features the original artwork created by SV Bell in 300gram jacket with 200gram insert with lyrics, classic band photos, download card and exclusive A2 poster. Limited to 500 copies, 100 on Cyan Blue vinyl

Order at this location

Vinyl Record WOMBBATH CHAOS-preorder

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Toxodeth (Mex) – Mysteries About Life & Death SHIPPING NOW!

Detailed pic from Toxodeth “Mysteries About Life & Death” official reissue, order here


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Graveyard AFTER Graveyard Sign To Chaos Records

Chaos Records is extremely proud to announce the release of new MCD “Hellhound On My trail” from the Swedish filthy speed/blackthrash metal, Graveyard AFTER Graveyard.

The group consist in: Jocke R. (ex-PAGANIZER, SINNERS BURN) on drums, Rogga J. (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER etc.) on guitar, bass and vocals and Mika L (ex-FACEBREAKER, GRAVE) on lead guitars.

Below “Hellhound On My Trial” Cover Art created by Rob Toderico! He also created artworks for bands like ASPHYX, SINISTER, SOULBURN, MEFISTO and more….



Stay tuned for more news and updates on Graveyard AFTER Graveyard.

Graveyard AFTER Graveyard on the web:

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Sol Negro - Dawn of a New Sun

Sol Negro - Dawn of a New Sun

JUST BEFORE DAWN - Precis Innan Gryningen

JUST BEFORE DAWN - Precis Innan Gryningen