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We try to reduce our CD inventory, Now we’re performing a DISTRO SALE! Buy now and get 25% off in all CDs at the webstore. http://store.chaos-records.com

Some exclusions will apply.

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CONFRONTATION: Signs with Chaos Records

Confrontation Bandpic

Chaos Records and CONFRONTATION are proud to announce a collaboration for the release of the bands debut album Aggregat 4

“CONFRONTATION”, is a Dutch dark and intense death/doom project with lyrics about exhausting battlefields and the use of frightning military weapons during WWII, which brought a shadow of intimidation, fear and violence. This shadow is the main source of inspiration for ‘Confrontation.

Now, the band is currently working in the final details of Aggregat 4, artwork and trackilist will be revealed soon, stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Sven Post: Drums, Bass, Guitar.
Roy Grimreaper: Vocals


See below a powerful testimony of CONFRONTATION massive death/doom discharge live at Dordrecht Doom Day 2015

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SHIT: premieres the track “Sulphur The Right” via No Clean Singing.com

Tijuana’s SHIT are set to release their Chaos Records debut, Scavengers Of A Dying Sun on June 11th. The band launches a premiere track “Sulphur The Right” from Scavengers Of A Dying sun. Our friends at nocleansinging.com are hoting the premiere here: http://www.nocleansinging.com/2015/05/11/an-ncs-premiere-shit-sulphur-the-right/

SHIT are:
Samuel Townsley – Vocals
Isaac Vargas – Guitar
Noel Bello – Guitar
Carlos Escobar – Bass
Mackoy Uribe – Drums

The album was recorded and mixed in Tijuana, Mexico, by Melchor Felix and was mastered in Germany  by Michael Zech (SECRET OF THE MOON, ASCENSION) and features monstrous cover art by Count Sebastian Bloodcastle and Daniel Corchado.

SHIT online:

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PYRE: ‘Human Hecatomb’ vinyl version details, pre-order!

The Russian death metal luminare PYRE will release the band critically acclaimed debut album Human Hecatomb in vinyl version, on June 15th. The limited vinyl version to 500 copies comes in 350-gram gatefold jacket, flood black print inside and 140-gram vinyl, colors versions are as follows: 300 classic black vinyl, 100 grey vinyl and 100 oxblood vinyl

Human Hecatomb the band’s debut album was released latest year via Chaos Records.

PYRE will play live in the ‘Old Grave Fest IV’ beside to Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Destroyer 666, Obliteration, Dead Congregation, Nekromantheon, Pyre, Violentor, Tyrant Goatgaldrakona, Mörbid Carnage, Turbocharged, Void Moon and many others.

Pre-order yours NOW at: http://store.chaos-records.com/

A1. Merciless Disease
A2. Far Beyond The Unknow
A3. Last Nail In Your Coffin
A4. Possessed
B5. Flesh To Poles
B6. Under The DeathReign
B7. We Came To Spill Thy Blood
B8. Curse Bloodline
B9. Disturbia


PYRE online:

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PROFANATOR: ‘Mvtter Vicivm’ available for pre-order

New album from Mexican thrash metal maniacs PROFANATOR is ready for pre-order! Out May 25th.

Mexican thrash metal outfit PROFANATOR are releasing their most punishing, fast and vicious album to date! Mvtter Vicivm is the long waited return from the band latest release Deathplagued, and it’s as a lethal dose of narcotic metal  you’ll hear all year, and probably better…

Pressed on 8-page booklet with artwork and lyrics for all tracks.


1. Mvtter Vicivm
2. Plague Is Rising
3. Wormed
4. Narcocracy
5. Point Of No Return
6. She Wolves Kalashnikov
7. From Womb To Tomb
8. Life Is Not

Pre-order your copy at: http://bit.ly/Profanator-Preorders

Mvtter Vicivm track is available for streaming at Chaos Records Soundcloud page:  https://soundcloud.com/chaosrecords/profanator_mvtter-vicivm


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